Get involved and help us give partially subsidized sales and customer service training to 1,000 retail sales associates by the end of 2016.   

Your contribution can pay for a person's training, to help gain employment in the world of retial. 

Suggested donation is Php 350.00 

HCo Career Life Management Consulting | Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI Shangri-la)   Checking Account No. 2500-0005-49     

H&Co wants to build our professional network and are in need of Professional Resource Persons and Learning Facilitators who can share thier time and talent, offering their services to help our causes. 

If you are a professional, a student or you simply want to learn from H&Co, you are welcome to get involved. The team welcomes everyone who wants share and wants to learn business practices focused on HR, Marketing and Business Development.   

Everyone is welcome.