Be a financial resource partner and help us give partially subsidized sales and customer service training to 1,000 retail sales associates by the end of 2016.  


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We are born with unique set of capabilities, all have something to contribute. Sustainability for the marginalized starts with giving value to their gifts, enhancing their innate talents and creating avenues where it can be applied.  

Be part of giving new opportunities for all, support H&Co's program by becoming 1. a Client Partner; employe under priveledge and marginalized members of society. 2. Be a Financial Resource Partner; give partially subsidized training and development programs for the marginalized members of society in search for sustainable income. 3. Volunteer as a professional resource person or a learning facilitiator. 

There are many ways to help and be a change maker! What are you called to do? 

If you are interested to be a financial resource partner, a client partner or a professional learning volunteer person, please   You may also deposit your monetary support to:   

HCo Career Life Management Consulting | Bank of the Philippine Islands (Shangri-la Branch)   Checking Account No. 2500-0005-49