Retention & Development

Job Analysis, Descriptions & Gap Management - The keys in running a successful organization are; knowing the required skills and capabilities of a team member to be effective in his assigned position, including the necessary job tasks to complete the work flow. H&Co incorporates methods, looking at individual and group functions into analyzing the work process as needed creating a comprehensive job description, and identifying the skills required for it. 

360 Performance Evaluation - H&Co focuses on aligning the job performance measurement with the client's business objectives and system of operations . The team reviews each team members' contribution to the organization; determining productivity, intra, inter and meta-personal relationships that affects moral and overall culture. Results are used in making business decisions; restructuring, rewards, compensation adjustments and outplacement. H&Co provides standard and customized rewards programs for clients.       

Training Analysis, Design, Development, Learning Facilitation and Evaluation - H&Co has a pool of licensed and professional learning facilitators providing innovative training platforms; developing the clients' team members to meet the current and future business goals of the company. 

Coaching and Employee Services Consulting - H&Co's network of practicing counselors, addresses the needs of team members; personal or professional, facilitating personal growth and development. This program promotes team productivity and creates a more positive work environment.  

Organizational, Team Member and Customer Surveys - H&Co helps clients understand their businesses by listening to their team members and customers. The team designs and develops customer and team member job satisfaction and exit interview surveys.