Recruitment and Planning 

Hiring Support - H&Co offers talent projections based on the direction and growth of the business. The team provides innovative sourcing solutions and recruitment marketing. H&Co ensures the process of evaluation and selection of team members; resulting to a good job skills and  culture fit to the client's organization. 

Standard and Customized Hiring Assessments - The team provides standard, validated and customized assessments that assist clients to make informed choices. H&Co facilitates assessment tools aided to know a person's skill set, nature and professional ethics. These tools are best used for hiring, succession planning, addressing job gaps and improving team members' performances.  

Interview Skills Markers - The oral assessments or the interview process is an integral step in hiring. H&Co develops customized interview skill markers to ensure the client find the team member that would best fit the position and perform the job required. 

Succession Planning - No one knows how long competent employees stays at work. Avoid hampering operations, H&Co develops "next in line" team members; assess skills, address the skill gaps and provide the necessary training required. 

Outplacement Planning - If only all team members can avail of continous employment without contracts or limits. Unfortunately, there are variables to consider in keeping team members and not everybody makes the cut. H&Co helps the client's team members plan for their next move, giving them the opportunity to gain knowledge on how to cope with the change in work conditions and help them discover other means available for sustainable income.