Performance Metrics & Compliance 

Organizational Needs Analysis - H&Co assesses employment practices and team members functions in an organization; identifying organizational concerns that directly affects bottom line results.  

Develop, Implement and Monitor Policies and Procedures - A set of standards, orders, structures and proper work boundaries applied to daily operations to facilitate a smoother work flow, minimize practice related risks, improves employee communications, increases team members' productivity and quality of work. H&Co develops policies and procedures applicable to the nature of the client's business and culture. The team writes operations and training manuals to create a standard in delivering the clients' products and services.  

Team Member Complaint Investigation Assistance - Every employer aims for a smooth work flow,   good inter-personal relationships and professional work boundaries. H&Co listens to every team member's voice; practicing empathy, looking at the business impacts of a team member's concern on the legal and, internal basis .H&Co determines factors that can affect a team member's morale that bringing down a team member's productivity that often creates a domino effect in the workplace.