H&Co believes that learning is for everyone. It is a right and not a privilege for only those who can afford. We aim to bring back equal access to continuing education and creating opportunities for sustainable income. H&Co regularly offers Sales and Customer Service programs for the marginalized members of society who are in the retail industry as team members. Our fees are lower than a day's wage. Learn more how you or your company can partially subsidize these trainings through Stewardship, as part of our your social action.   

 Ask H&Co

 For more information about H&Co's customized client programs and other public training and development events, please write to 


H&Co holds the rights to change dates without prior notice. In the event of cancellation, all confirmed participants will be notified ahead of time.   

 Learning on a Shoestring:  

This featured training is partially subsidized by Silverworks, as part of their commitment to support aspiring individuals who wants to enhance their Retail Sales and Customer Service skills. A seasoned Sales practitioner or a newbie can definitely benefit from this module. 

This is open to all aspiring and seasoned Sales Associates who want to equip or enhance their soft and hard skills in the ares of Retail Sales and Customer Service.  

To register and to inquire about this public training, write at mailto:HCo.ask@gmail.com

This runs regularly every 1st & 3rd Monday of each month, 8:00-5:00 PM. Pre-registration is required. Program Fee: Php 350.00