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  1. Career Assessments are tools designed to gauge peoples aptitudes, skills and attributes. H&Co provides and facilitates standard assessments that aim to help individuals understand the unique combination of their skills and capabilities in doing specific tasks. Our assessments can measure a variety of personal attributes such as a person's interest, values, preferences, motivations to live and work.  
    H&Co. sees the importance of customizing assessments to meet the specific needs of the clients. H&Co. customizes tools based solely on the team's core competencies. These tools evaluate knowledge and skills in relation to industry standards of the job or the required key performance indicators of the client. H&Co also use simulation assessment questions, cross checking the natural response to the work tasks. Customized assessments aids in hiring the right talent, measuring the applicant's potential success and satisfaction in the job and work environment. 
    There are two available online assessments. Other assessments are administered at the H&Co office. The assessments measure various fields of interest & personality preferences. 

Career Interest Inventory 
Personality Type Test

Take the online career assessments! Get an appointment or send us an email and we will send you a link. Results are made available with your assigned career counselor.