Living in an ever changing environment, new career directions and opportunities constantly emerge. This changes the face of the job world. Take advantage of the changing job market. 

If you are in the process of navigating your career, a job shifter or seeking a promotion, acquiring soft and new occupational skills or adding to your educational attainment are necessary to perform the job. Creating a career plan is never too late or early. Equip yourself and manage your career. 

Career Planning includes four steps:  

  1. Self Awareness  
  2. Explore Options  
  3. Decide  
  4. Apply It 

It is something you will encounter often in your lifetime.Each time you do, learn and let your experience work for you.

Career planning is for everyone. It is for every age. It is best to start young but is never too late to discover your passion. 

 Career Programs:  

  • Career Assessments 
  • Career Mapping
  • Counseling | Growth Group
  • Seminars | Workshops                                                       


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